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Owner FAQ

How soon can I get my keys after the tenant moves out?

Revolution has several things that need to be done at the end of a lease, so here's how that process works before you can get keys.

When a tenant moves out of a property, Revolution is required by both state law and the lease agreement to complete a full move-out inspection of the property to determine any tenant-caused damage to the home. This is not an optional step. Even if you don't care about the security deposit, we still need to complete this to document property condition for liability reasons.

Technically, the tenant is allowed to occupy the property until the end of the day on the last day of the lease. This means if a lease ends on the 31st of the month, Revolution cannot require the tenant to leave during business hours that day to complete an inspection. The tenant is able to remain in the home all day if they choose. This means that we may not be able to complete the inspection until the beginning of the following month. With many move-outs happening all on the same day at the end of the month, during busy months we aren't always able to complete all move-in inspections in a single day. This means it may take a few days for the inspection to be completed.

We recommend that if you are moving back into the home after the tenant vacates, or you are scheduling vendors to do work, do not plan on having access to the home until at least the 5th of the month. Even then, we sometimes run into situations where tenants don't vacate until late (we do charge them holdover rent for this), so please do not put yourself into a situation where you have nowhere to stay until you are absolutely certain that the tenant has vacated.

We are not able to provide you keys to the home until the tenant has fully vacated and we have completed the move-out inspection. We cannot make any exceptions to this. It is for the protection of you, Revolution, and the tenant.

After this is all completed, you may schedule to pick up the keys from us.