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Owner FAQ

How do I switch between portfolios in my Owner Portal?

Some of our clients have more than one portfolio with us. This can happen when different "entities" own properties. For example, an owner may own one property personally, but they have an LLC that owns one or more other properties. The personal property would be in one portfolio, and the LLC properties would be in a separate portfolio.

Your Owner Portal will have the data for each portfolio separated, so you will need to toggle between portfolios to see the statements, ledger, etc. for each. This is easy to do, but it's not intuitive in the Portal, so here are some quick instructions:

In any section of the Portal where data is located for your property, there is a "Filter" button in the upper right corner. Select that:

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 9.25.38 AM

Once the Filter screen comes up, you can toggle between your portfolios using the Portfolio dropdown box:

Portfolio dropdown option

After that, just click the "Apply" button, and the data in your Portal will be filtered to just that one portfolio that you selected.