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Owner FAQ

How do I get a rental verification?

If you need a rental verification for a new landlord, mortgage company, etc., this is how to get it.

Whether you're a former resident just wanting a copy of your rental verification for your own records, or a landlord or mortgage lender needing to verify a resident's rental history, Revolution is happy to help!

We do require that all requests for rental verifications be submitted using our own internal form. We do not accept outside forms, email or phone requests, etc. Our form must be submitted, and the $25 verification fee must be paid. If you are a landlord, mortgage lender, or another interested party, and you do not want to pay the $25 fee, then we suggest that you have the resident fill out the form for you, and there is a place where they can put your contact information so that you will receive the verification once processed. Under no circumstances will we process a rental verification request without the fee being paid or our form being submitted. It takes Revolution time and resources to verify rental histories, and we need to be compensated for our time.

To submit a request for a rental verification, please use this form, which includes the payment link.