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Owner FAQ

How can I downgrade my property management pricing plan?

Revolution is proud to offer our clients multiple pricing plan options, as different plans work better for different investors. While we always try to match each client with the best possible pricing plan for their needs when they first sign up with us, there are always cases where a client changes their mind down the road and wants to downgrade to a lower-priced plan.

In most cases, we can approve these requests with no problem. There are sometimes circumstances where a plan cannot be reduced right away, however. For example, clients who are on a Diamond Plan have to serve out at least the full term of their original contract before they can downgrade. Most other clients should be able to downgrade at any time, but there are always unique situations, so we have to review each request individually.

In order to submit a request to downgrade your pricing plan, please submit this form and we will review everything and get back to you ASAP.