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Owner FAQ

Can you get multiple quotes for my repair?

In the average month, Revolution Rental Management processes about 150 work orders. The vast majority of these are pretty typical issues that we handle all the time (air conditioning/heating out, toilet running, turnovers between tenants, etc.). For that reason, we generally know what they're supposed to cost. When you handle a dozen HVAC issues in a single month, you learn pretty quickly how much a reasonable cost is to replace a capacitor, do a Freon charge, replace a 2-ton unit, etc. Sending out these issues for multiple quotes obviously wouldn't make sense, for several reasons:

  • We see these same issues and bills over and over again from a variety of vendors, so we know who is charging fair prices already
  • Vendors simply don't want to do free quotes, and they definitely won't do free quotes over and over again on the same issues for the same company just for different houses
  • Generally, the same vendor will keep getting selected each time, because that's the vendor that provides the best price for the same quality of work, so the vendors who always bid higher figure out quickly that they won't get the job, and they stop participating in bids; eventually, you run out of vendors willing to give bids and you're just down to your usual vendor who gives you the best price for quality work

That said, there are some limited circumstances where we will sometimes get multiple quotes. Generally, these are unusual cases that we don't see very often, and we don't know for sure which vendor will provide the best price and best work, or even what the appropriate price should be. In those cases, we will send it out for quotes and give you options. But again, those cases are rare.

If you still would like to insist that we get you multiple quotes when we would not do so under our standard procedures, then we can do that (provided it is not a time-sensitive repair), but there would be a Multiple Quote Admin Fee of $100.00 charged to cover our costs of handling the oversight of that process. Coordinating multiple vendors for visits to the property and chasing them down for quotes is a time-intensive process that pulls our staff off of their necessary work, so we have to charge this fee to cover our staff's time in handling this kind of special request.

To request multiple quotes, please fill out this form.