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Owner FAQ

Can you do more than one inspection per year on my house?

Sure, we can do an additional inspection each year if you'd like. We offer a program for this. Just send us an email letting us know that you'd like to sign up for an extra inspection each year, or even just an additional one-time inspection, and we'll get it scheduled for you.

We would like to point out, though, that there are downsides to extra inspections. Tenants tend to hate inspections. Even though you own the property, while they have possession of it they tend to think of it as their home, and they feel their privacy is being violated with each inspection. So extra inspections can sometimes make good tenants less likely to renew their leases. And from our experience, extra inspections do nothing to make bad tenants better.

Our view is that one inspection per year, about 3 months prior to lease expiration so that you can see what the property looks like prior to renewal, is the best policy. It balances the tenant's desire for privacy with your desire to keep an eye on things. 

With that said, we're happy to get an extra inspection scheduled if you'd like. Just let us know!