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Owner FAQ

Can you appeal my property taxes for me?

If the county has charged you too much for property taxes, we can help!

As property values increase, counties try to maximize their tax revenue by jacking up property taxes on your rental home. Sometimes they are fair with these assessments, but in many cases, counties try to make up for low revenue years by unfairly valuing properties far above their true fair market value. When that happens, you have a legal right to appeal the assessed value!

In order to successfully appeal, you will generally need to submit evidence of the proper valuation. This can be difficult for property owners to do on their own, as they're not used to preparing comparative market analyses. On the other hand, as real estate licensees, Revolution does these every day! It is easy for us to help you out with this.

In order to appeal your property tax assessment, we will need a copy of the tax assessment notice, as well as a little information from you. We may also need a limited power of attorney if the county requires it, but this is rare. If it's necessary, we'll draft the POA for you and have it signed using an e-notary service to make it convenient for you. To start the appeal process, fill out this form.