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Owner FAQ

Can Revolution pay my HOA dues for me?

Revolution generally recommends that you pay the HOA bills for your property because most HOAs are quite bad about communicating directly with property management companies and only want to deal with the actual owner of the property. This makes it difficult for us to handle situations when a bill isn't received, payment isn't credited, etc.

That said, Revolution will pay the bills for you if you really want us to, but there are some things to consider with that:

  • You will need to receive the bill and submit it to us for payment; we cannot receive the bills directly at our office.
  • Revolution cannot be held responsible if a payment isn't properly credited to your HOA account.
  • Revolution cannot communicate with the HOA about your bills, payments, or account. We can make the payment that you ask us to make, but that's the most that we can do with your HOA payments.
  • There is a $25 admin fee for each payment made on your behalf.

If you still want Revolution to pay your HOA bill for you, please submit this form to make the request. You will need to submit that form each time you get a bill from the HOA.