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Owner FAQ

Can I get an itemized invoice for each repair?

When a vendor completes work on your property, they will provide us an invoice that lists all of the work that was done, and our staff transcribes that description word-for-word into your Owner Portal so that you have that information for your records.

Generally, vendors do not provide an item-by-item breakdown of the cost of each item and part. This is just a matter of practicality. Going into that level of detail on every invoice would be cost-prohibitive in today's competitive market, so vendors aren't able to spend money on extra staff to just sit around writing such detailed invoices for every job. Instead, they provide the total cost, and list all of the work that was done, because this is something that the field technician is able to write up themselves without the need for additional office staff.

Since we're just passing on the information provided by the vendor, that means we aren't able to provide an item-by-item breakdown of the costs, either. Some vendors may be willing to provide a detailed breakdown of each item's cost at an owner's individual request, but they will tack on an additional administrative fee for doing this work, as it's usually a senior management person in the vendor's company who has to do this. We don't recommend requesting this, as it's just not worth the added expense. It's not necessary for tax purposes, and if you feel that you've been overcharged, it's a lot easier to just call around to other vendors in the area and ask them what they would have charged for the job rather than trying to break it down item-by-item. We're confident you'll find that our approved vendors are providing excellent rates on their work compared to other fully licensed and fully insured vendors.