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Owner FAQ

Can I get a call for approval before every repair?

Unfortunately, we aren't able to do this for several important reasons:

  • It just isn't possible for us to have the staffing to call every client for every repair. If we did, we would have to charge a lot more for our management fee to cover the cost of those extra employees, and it certainly wouldn't be in your best interest to have to pay a higher management fee.
  • Most repairs are required by law, anyway. In the states where we do business, state law makes it very clear that the landlord is responsible for repairs on a rental property, unless the tenant causes the damage themselves. Now, this doesn't include cosmetic issues, such as replacing carpet or painting, but if something breaks, the law does make it your responsibility to fix it, and our responsibility because we're your agent. The law does not even allow for a lease provision to waive this requirement and make it a tenant responsibility. Any such provision is void and unenforceable.
  • When repairs are delayed, your tenants get very angry. Surveys show that the #1 reason that a tenant doesn't renew a lease is that repairs aren't getting done well, or aren't getting done in a timely fashion. When a tenant reports a repair issue, they expect it to be handled very quickly. Remember, many tenants are coming from previously renting apartments, and they had on-site repair people who fixed things almost immediately. That's their expectation. Waiting on approvals slows this process down considerably, and since it's not legal to deny the repair anyway (see above), it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to put this delay into the process and needlessly anger your tenant. Angry tenants don't renew leases, they don't take as good care of your property, and they report minor maintenance issues for you to fix that they otherwise would have overlooked or fixed themselves. In other words, angry tenants cost you money.

Now, when it comes to cosmetic issues or other items that aren't required by law, we'll absolutely give you a call if the cost is going to exceed the limit listed in your management agreement. If we don't hear back from you with 72 hours, we'll make a judgement call based on what we think is best for you and your property.