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Why Property Management Software is Important to You

Why Property Management Software is Important to You

Obviously, property management companies buy software packages to make their operations more efficient. But it isn’t just about helping the property manager. It’s also about helping the client.

When you’re looking for a property management company, make sure you pick someone who is using the latest property management software. Brokers using old software (and for some smaller companies, no property management software at all) are doing you a big disservice as their client.

Here are just a few key benefits that you as the client receive from the property manager using the latest property management software:

  • An Owner Portal that allows you to login and see the most up-to-date information on your property.
  • The ability for you to make electronic payments using a bank account or credit card when you need to pay for repairs for your property, instead of having to send paper checks.
  • Direct deposit of your rent payments into your checking account.
  • Having instant online access to your lease documents and owner statements.
  • The ability for your tenants to make electronic payments for their rent, making it more likely that rent will be paid on time.
  • Automatic tracking of repair requests so that your tenants stay happy and your property stays in good shape.
  • Automatic scheduling of inspections of your property, and PDF reports sent directly to your email.
  • And more!

At Central Georgia Realty, we use Propertyware, which is a cloud-based solution that is constantly being updated with the latest technology to assist both us and you. Don’t hire a property management company using a bargain basement software solution. Give us a call to see how we can help you manage your property. Our service usually pays for itself with reduced vacancy rates!