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How to Attract Retirees to Your Atlanta Rental Property

If you're like most people, you probably assume renters are young adults who haven't amassed enough wealth to purchase a home of their own. These days though, more and more Baby Boomers and retirees are choosing to rent Atlanta homes instead of owning after their kid...
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Don't Skip Tenant Screening: Insight From an Atlanta Property Management Company

Updated January 12, 2022Finding (and keeping) the best renters means real estate investors in Atlanta rental properties can never take a break from thorough and fair tenant screening practices- even during tough times. We know it's challenging to lose renters (or income ...
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Pet Screening Is a Must! Atlanta Property Management Tips

Foreword: This article is not a substitute for legal counsel. When you find yourself facing a complication in your screening process, reach out to the Atlanta property management experts at Revolution Rental Management- formerly known as GTL Real Estate - or talk with your a...
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New Tenant Repair Requests

Video Transcript:Hi, Todd Ortscheid here with GTL Real Estate. This week, I wanted to speak real quick just about a question we sometimes get from owners, either who have just started renting their property out, or they’ve moved out an old tenant and moved in a new one. Th...
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