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Before You Sell Your Atlanta Home, Have You Considered Investing?

Are you moving soon? People who own Atlanta homes are in a unique position to become real estate investors when it's time to relocate or upgrade to a larger home here-or even out of Georgia.However, turning your home into a rental (instead of selling it) isn't an eas...
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Atlanta Rental Property Maintenance Tips

Updated March 7, 2022If you own an Atlanta rental property,  taking care of maintenance issues probably tops your list of pain points. Even if you perform preventative maintenance, things will break from time to time, which requires you to make the repairs. However...
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New Tenant Repair Requests

Video Transcript:Hi, Todd Ortscheid here with GTL Real Estate. This week, I wanted to speak real quick just about a question we sometimes get from owners, either who have just started renting their property out, or they’ve moved out an old tenant and moved in a new one. Th...
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