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Before You Sell Your Atlanta Home, Have You Considered Investing?

Before You Sell Your Atlanta Home, Have You Considered Investing?

Are you moving soon? People who own Atlanta homes are in a unique position to become real estate investors when it's time to relocate or upgrade to a larger home here-or even out of Georgia.

However, turning your home into a rental (instead of selling it) isn't an easy decision. If you've never been an Atlanta rental property owner, it might seem like an overwhelming idea to manage an investment property and deal with renters. Plus, there's still the routine maintenance your rental property may need in addition to repairs and upgrades on your new private residence. 

That's where skilled Atlanta property management steps in: we can help you decide if renting or selling is the best option for your finances with a skilled analysis of the potential returns your home offers!

Before you pick the cheapest property manager you can find and hope for the best, it's worth taking a closer look at the details of potentially becoming an Atlanta rental property owner. With the right property manager, passive real estate investment income can be an excellent addition to your future-and an excellent use of Atlanta homes!

Here's what to consider.

The Market Isn't Always Ideal for a Home Sale

You might prefer to sell your home to be done with it and move on. That's not a bad decision, but make sure the market works in your favor before losing money on a sale. 

Every real estate market has ups and downs-even Atlanta. Trying to sell your home in a buyer's market can mean you lose money you have earned through equity-and put yourself in a bad financial situation before moving into your new home. 

Even if a sale is your final plan, there's no need to suffer income loss when the market isn't favorable to sellers. Turning Atlanta homes into rental properties-even as a short-term solution-helps homeowners generate rental income until the market becomes better for home sales.

You make money (instead of losing money), then sell your home for a better price when the time is right!

In Times Like These, Extra Income Never Hurts

Sometimes people who own Atlanta homes try to be real estate investors-and end up loving it. Passive real estate income adds to what you also earn through your career or full-time job. When you hire the right full-service property management, you don't have to know anything about being an Atlanta rental property owner (and you don't have to do any of the work, either). 

Having an additional revenue stream is a smart idea, especially when challenging financial times threaten to impact your other working income. Real estate income can help get you through tough times, help you plan for your future and retirement, or both!

You Don't Need to Know a Thing About Real Estate

You really don't need to know how to be a real estate investor to become a rental property owner. You already have the house; you just need the right Atlanta property management experts to help you find high-quality renters, collect the rent, and keep your property in excellent condition. 

The best investing experts in Atlanta make it easy to turn your former home into a successful investment property for as long as you want to enjoy passive real estate income. Here at Revolution Rental Management, formerly known as GTL Real Estate, we do it all-so you can focus on relocating for your career or building more long-term wealth with the start of a successful portfolio. 

We Manage Marketing

You don't want 'just anyone' living in your former home finding the right renters isn't always easy. We apply an advanced, A.I.-driven tenant screening process far more comprehensive than what other Atlanta property management companies offer-and it means our eviction rates are dramatically lower than the Atlanta average.

We know first-time investors need peace of mind to consider investing-so we invest in the tools, technology, and diligence that makes that peace of mind happen. The wrong resident can be an expensive mistake for property owners. 

  • When it's time for a lease to end, we start marketing your property 30 days before the lease expires to minimize the downtime without a paying renter. You won’t find this same attention to pre-leasing a property with other area property management companies.
  • While it's challenging to coordinate this level of pre-leasing, we do it anyway! We know it's critical to make sure your property generates steady income year-round. 

We Coordinate Professional Maintenance, Too

The best full-service property manager finds and vets excellent local contractors to handle routine maintenance and repairs. Building a network of reliable contractors is the best way to deliver the highest-level rental property maintenance services investors need.

Because of our work volume and how we treat our vendors, we also enjoy preferred service from them. This usually translates to faster work, aggressive pricing, and cost savings for our rental property owners-without sacrificing quality. 

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A Property Manager Does It All (While You Enjoy the Income)

Choosing to put your home up for rent instead of selling it should be a stress-free way to make additional money. Your Atlanta homes make money for you while an expert property manager handles all of the work and delivers monthly payments directly to you!

If you're relocating or upgrading to a new house, let's talk! When you already own a home, Revolution Rental Management can make it a hassle-free transition for that property to become an income-generating asset that helps support your lifestyle. Even if you plan to sell in the future, you can take advantage of steady rental payments in the interim.

Contact us to learn more!