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My tenant died! What do I do?

My tenant died! What do I do? There are many difficult circumstances to deal with as a landlord (which is why it’s important to have professional management of your property), but this is one of the most difficult. On the one hand, you have sense of empathy for the surviving family, but on the other hand, this property is a...

Is it too late to collect what I’m owed?

Is it too late to collect what I’m owed? Sometimes we take on a new client who had a bad experience with a previous tenant who left the property owing money for either rent or repairs, and wondering whether it’s still possible to go after that money.

Filing Eviction – How Soon?

Filing Eviction – How Soon? Something that differentiates us from our competitors, and from most property management companies even outside of our markets, is how quickly we file evictions when a tenant hasn’t paid. When we take over accounts from other management companies, we frequently see that those companies aren’t even...