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Our Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

We usually talk about specific property management topics in this blog, but I wanted to take a quick detour this week to discuss something more broad: our general business philosophy. Our philosophy applies to how we interact with everyone, from tenants to property owners, and from vendors to our own employees. So what is that philosophy?

It's really quite simple. In everything we do, behave honestly, ethically, and morally. That's it. It seems so simple, but it's sadly quite rare in the business world. So many companies are so focused on trying to squeeze out another one one-hundredth of one percent in profit margin that they do things that are morally or ethically questionable at best, or downright cheating people at worst. We refuse to make money that way, and we believe we actually achieve higher profit margins precisely because we refuse to conduct business that way.

For example, or cancellation policy for owners. While other companies will try to lock you into a long term contract, we don't believe that that's an honest way to conduct business. You should do business with us because you're happy with the service that we provide, not because you've been locked into a long-term contract that traps you. Or for our tenants, you'll never find us trying to get out of complying with our obligations in the lease. If it says that we'll get something fixed, then we'll get it fixed. That's just the honest and ethical thing to do.

And this even extends to our employees and vendors. We pay fairly, we provide a full benefits package to our employees, and we pay vendors in a timely manner.

We believe that the result of conducting business in this manner is that you get more clients and keep those clients longer. While we may not be squeezing every penny out of people constantly, we are making it up with faster growth and longer business relationships. Some property management companies frequently have owner turnover rates of 30%! Our turnover rate is practically non-existent. Except for the rare case of an owner deciding to move back into his property, we virtually never lose an owner client. People like to do business with honest, ethical, and moral businesses, so they continue to work with us for many years.

Give us a call and find out the difference between our philosophy and our competitors'. We're open 7 days a week to talk with you about what we can do for you.