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How to (Legally) Evict a Tenant from an Atlanta Rental Property

Even with quality photos and a professional listing that attracts quality renters, sometimes things go wrong with a resident, and eviction is necessary. Almost every rental property owner has dealt with a bad renter who won't follow the rules. If you haven't yet experienced a resident who refuses to pay the rent or causes damage to your property, it could be only a matter of time until you do. 

When you've exhausted all of the legal ways to enforce the lease-but to no avail-it's time to consider eviction. However, changing the locks and putting your renter's stuff on the curb can lead to a lawsuit. What's the legal way to evict a resident from an Atlanta rental property? Here's what investors need to know!

Follow the Law

Before we go further, this article is no substitute for legal advice. We're here to offer property management insights into the eviction process, and we always recommend consulting your lawyer before starting the eviction process in Atlanta.

Failure to follow the law can lead to a lawsuit from the renter you're trying to remove from your property. Even if they stop paying the rent and continue breaking the rules, renters have rights. Your lawyer and a property manager will guide you through the process to protect your property and income while removing the resident from the rental. Before making a hasty decision or taking the wrong actions against a renter who needs to leave, use these insights and consult your attorney. 

Make Sure It's Necessary

Eviction should be a last resort when resolving issues with renters. We understand it's frustrating to make repeated attempts to collect the rent or enforce the rules with stubborn renters who continue not to comply. However, the eviction must be your last recourse when dealing with bad renters. 

To support a legal eviction in Atlanta, make sure:

  • You have proof of rent nonpayment. The lease should document the rent amount and due date. Keep written documentation of every late reminder and notice of applicable late fees that you delivered to your renter. 
  • Your renter clearly violated the rules in the lease. Take photos of property damage and keep records of noise complaints or other problems that violate the lease. 

With documentation, consult your lawyer and prepare the appropriate notices that inform your renter that you've begun the legal eviction process. Avoid confrontations or any interactions that could escalate the situation or cause additional retaliation from your resident. 

Avoiding Eviction is the Best Option

You might feel like a bad renter situation leads to no other option than eviction. In some cases, that is true. However, even though eviction can be the only way to remove a resident from your Atlanta rental property after failing to pay the rent or violate the lease in other ways, it's an expensive, lengthy process that real estate investors should try to avoid. 

We're not suggesting that you let a resident stay if they don't pay the rent. When there is documentation and legal justification, eviction is an effective tool to protect rental property owners from continued financial loss or property damage-but there is an alternative to a cycle of bad renters that lead to eviction

Screening Can Prevent Eviction

Rental property owners who place better quality renters are more likely to avoid situations that lead to eviction. Using a thorough screening process helps reduce the risk of choosing bad renters and increases the quality of Atlanta residents living in your rental properties.

Quality renters pay the rent on time, take good care of your properties, and follow the rules. Reducing your eviction rate helps protect your properties and boost revenue! Plus, investors who don't spend time or money pursuing the legal eviction process have more resources to create better long-term wealth. 

A Property Manager Improves Renter Quality

If you're not sure how to put a screening process in place, let an Atlanta property manager handle it for you! We start with a thorough rental application that collects the information we need to dig into every applicant's background when choosing your next renter. We also have the experience to recognize red flags and avoid renters with a history of rent nonpayment or default and evictions. 

Avoid Eviction For Your Atlanta Rental Property

Eviction doesn't have to be a routine aspect for your real estate investment properties. If you're dealing with too many bad renters and frequent evictions, it's time for a property manager with a below-average eviction rate. 

GTL Real Estate prioritizes the renter screening process to keep our eviction rate lower than the local average. With effective and comprehensive screening practices and lease enforcement strategies, we find quality residents for your Atlanta rental property while reducing the occurrences of bad renters and evictions. If you're ready to avoid renter evictions and improve your real estate investment revenue, let's connect about how we can help!