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Do You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying Atlanta Homes?

Do You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying Atlanta Homes?

You might be on the fence about whether or not you need a real estate agent to help you buy a home in Atlanta. After all, with all of the information available online these days, it seems like you should be able to do most of the work yourself, right?

Wrong. There are plenty of good reasons to use a real estate agent when buying a home—especially if it’s your first time. Our Atlanta real estate experts pulled together a few for you today!

What a Real Estate Agent Can Do For You

Finding a new rental home is very different than finding and buying your first house. When deciding to leave "renting" behind to become a homeowner, a real estate agent can be your best resource for getting you through the process and finding the home of your dreams!

So, what does an agent really do for you? You might be surprised.

They Help You Find the Right Home

There are many houses out there, but very few of them are the "right" home for your budget, lifestyle, and goals. With access to MLS listings and years of experience in the Atlanta housing market, a realtor will be able to zero in on homes that fit your specific needs and wants.

They Negotiate On Your Behalf

Negotiating the final purchase price of a new house and everything that goes into the closing process can be challenging without an experienced professional there to guide you. The right real estate agent will also be able to negotiate for a better interest rate, help you find creative financing solutions, and more.

They Handle the Details

From setting up home inspections to working with the seller’s agent, there are a lot of details that go into buying a house. A good real estate agent will be able to handle all of those details for you so that you can focus on other things—like packing!

While looking for a new home or apartment to rent does require work to find the right space within your budget, buying a house involves many more details and crucial decisions that an experienced agent can help you navigate. Without their expertise, you could overpay for a house, overlook something critical in the inspection report, or fail to get your financing in order in time to close on the home.

They Work With the Seller On Repairs

Your ideal home might need some repairs after revising the inspection report. However, you might not need to cover the costs for those repairs if your real estate agent can work with the seller to handle them before closing.

Sometimes sellers are willing to make some repairs or reduce the sale price of the home if they'd rather not deal with it. However, without a good agent to let you know that it's okay to work with the seller on specific items to make sure you don't bear the burden of costly repairs after taking ownership of the home.

They Coordinate With the Title Company

Buying a house involves a lot of paperwork and working with multiple agencies throughout the process. Your agent works with the title company to make sure the title is clear for the home you plan to purchase. If there are any liens or other issues with the title, your agent can help you decide if it's best to walk away from the home or pursue other options to clear the title.

They Communicate With the Seller's Agent

The best person to deal with the seller's real estate agent is your agent! Understanding real estate laws and procedures can be challenging, but your agent will know how to communicate and work with the seller's agent to make sure you get the best deal on the house that's right for you.

When Should You Use an Atlanta, GA Real Estate Agent?

The best time to find a good agent is when you start thinking about buying your first home. They can help you budget for a house in your price range and start the process to work with the timing of when your lease ends.

Portrait of cheerful real estate agent with a clipboard

An Atlanta, GA, real estate agent can be an excellent asset to anyone purchasing a residential property, including renters ready to become homeowners, property investors, out-of-state buyers, and working with for-sale-by-owner sales. Often, real estate professionals can also help renters buy their homes from a landlord if the property owner decides to sell.

Let Our Real Estate Professionals Help You Find Your First Home!

You might not realize that our property management team can also serve as real estate experts for you when you decide it's time to leave renting behind! We're familiar with Atlanta homes and the real estate market and buying and selling homes. Because we work with your property owner and understand your lease terms, we can also help you navigate a home purchase to avoid penalties or challenges when ending your tenancy.

If you're ready to become a homeowner, let Revolution Rental Management help! Reach out soon to learn more.

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