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Will you match pricing?

Will you match pricing?

This is a question we frequently get from potential clients: “such-and-such competitor tells me that they'll charge 1% less than you; will you match their rate?”

Well, the short answer is yes. But the long answer is that you probably don't want us to. Allow me to explain. We are set apart from virtually all of our competition by our very simple and transparent fee structure.

Most property management companies try to nickel-and-dime their clients to death. Setup fees, marketing fees, mileage fees, postage fees, eviction fees, the list just goes on and on. So when they tell you “we'll beat Central Georgia Realty by 1%,” what they really mean is that they'll beat our monthly management fee, but that's because they more than make up for it with their outrageous fees, most of which are usually hidden and they don't talk about until you're already getting billed. And since most companies make you sign a long-term agreement (we don't), you're stuck with them after you're getting hit with these hidden fees that were buried in the fine print.

So, again, we'll match their monthly fees if they're lower than ours (most aren't, by the way). But if we do, we'll have to also match all of those other fees that they're charging. Usually, you're far better off taking our simple and transparent fee structure that includes everything in your basic management fees and leasing fees. We'll be more than happy to discuss it with you, though. Give us a call to get started with our services and put away those landlord headaches for good.