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Why Landlords Need Professional Atlanta Property Management Maintenance Staff

Why Landlords Need Professional Atlanta Property Management Maintenance Staff

Property managers deliver a wide range of expert services to help investors maximize returns. One of the best reasons to choose professional property management is the access to expert maintenance staff! 

With experts caring for your properties, you never have to worry about middle-of-the-night maintenance calls, keeping up with routine seasonal maintenance, or dealing with dishonest contractors that overcharge for poor-quality services. Professional maintenance staff helps investors reduce costs and respond quickly to tenant maintenance requests! If you're still handling repairs on your own or juggling multiple contractors to keep rentals in good shape, here's how experts can help maintain your Atlanta rental property.

A Property Manager Knows Maintenance

The right Atlanta property management company has highly skilled staff that knows what rental properties need to stay in excellent condition. As maintenance experts, they can more quickly diagnose a problem, schedule a repair, and work efficiently to find the best pricing for parts or labor. 

When managing rentals on your own, it can be challenging to know if a contractor gives you an accurate picture of the problem, solution, and fair costs. If you've ever felt taken advantage of or dealt with a repair that didn't stay 'fixed' for very long, a property manager's expertise is extremely valuable when dealing with maintenance issues for rental properties. 

Your Property Manager Understands Your Property

Over time, expert property managers get to know your property. Whether it's a single-family home or a multi-family property, learning and understanding the 'quirks' of your investment building help an expert maintenance team stay ahead of potential problems and respond appropriately when something goes wrong. 

Becoming familiar with your Atlanta property helps a rental manager become more efficient when conducting maintenance tasks. They can work quickly and reduce the amount of time tenants have to wait on a repair or endure inconvenient conditions. Their quality of work will also be higher because they know how to do the job well. When building long-term relationships with quality residents, having a professional maintenance team helps tenants feel well cared for in a rental home that is always in top condition!

Someone (Else) Is On Call

Real estate investors need someone to be on call at all times for the tenants of your Atlanta rental property. Without a property manager, that 'someone' has to be you! 

However, after-hours maintenance calls from tenants can disrupt weekend or holiday plans or a good night of sleep. Dealing with the tenant and then finding a repair person available in the middle of the night is one aspect of owning rental properties that most landlords don't enjoy. Often, those after-hours contractors charge high fees to show up and put in a temporary fix to a maintenance problem. 

When you hire a property management in Atlanta, you have someone on call 24/7 for your tenants (while you get a good night's sleep or enjoy your weekends)! They respond promptly to maintenance requests-day or night. They also have vetted contractors on call to respond quickly (without overcharging for after-hours repairs). 

The Economy of Scale Reduce Costs

Comparing estimates for things like a roof replacement or other significant renovations can become overwhelming when dealing one-on-one with contractors. You might not know if you're getting the best pricing when operating as a DIY landlord with one or two properties that don't offer a significant amount of business to local Atlanta contractors. In most cases, contractors don't offer significant discounts for services when dealing with a single property. 

However, property management professionals have a network of reliable contractors that do a high volume of work for multiple rentals and property owners. When building relationships with a reliable roofing contractor, that contractor knows they will have an ongoing business to replace and repair roofs for many properties managed by the property management company-and that often leads to more significant discounts than DIY landlords can get when working independently. 

Due to a property manager's economies of scale, they can pass savings along to property owners!

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Experts Are Available When Necessary

Whether your property management maintenance team handles repairs on their own or calls in an expert contractor for specific repairs and maintenance, landlords always have maintenance helps available when they need it for a rental home. The right Metro Atlanta property manager maintains a list of vetted contractors so that tenants and property owners never experience delays for scheduled preventive maintenance or needed repairs. 

Atlanta Property Management and Maintenance Pros Are the Right Choices!

When you own Atlanta rental property, partnering with property management professionals to handle upkeep and maintenance is the right choice for your bottom line! Happy tenants stay for more than one lease term, and a proactive maintenance plan managed by experts helps reduce repair costs to maximize budgets. 

Let Revolution Rental Management care for your real estate investments! Our property management services and experience make it more profitable to own rentals in Atlanta.