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Why Hiring Atlanta Property Management is a Smart Investment

Why Hiring Atlanta Property Management is a Smart Investment

As you work to find success in the rental business, the question inevitably comes up: to continue to DIY your own maintenance and other tasks, or to hire Atlanta property management to help? 

While some assume that hiring property management would eat into profits, many landlords discover that it works the other way around: the investment in a property manager gives them access to volume discounts and streamlined systems that save them time and money, making being a property owner more enjoyable and positive while keeping the cash flow healthy. Here are some of the ways we make your investment in property management work for you.

Gain Consistency and Win Back Your Time

As a landlord who is fielding calls from clients yourself, you've experienced how a regular day can be derailed by the need to respond to multiple renter-related crises or how a night of sleep can be interrupted by an emergency maintenance request. One way that landlords benefit from Atlanta property management is that they get the consistency of knowing when they'll be contacted for work-related situations. 

Your property manager is empowered to handle emergency calls 24/7, and since we'll have discussed the next steps with you ahead of time, we don't have to wake you at 2 am to get moving with a solution. Rather than dealing with your properties on the weekends and in your off-hours, you get the confidence that you aren't 'on-call' all the time, giving you so much of your time back. 

You'll also find that a full-service property management team makes it possible to scale up your business without overwhelming you. If you aren't looking to reduce your time investment, you can turn that same time into a more significant rental business that generates more profit for you, all without working constantly. 

Fewer Legal Headaches with a Go-To Resource

Many first-time property investors are daunted by the many legal issues, from tax law to tenants' rights, that they need to understand, as well as ongoing changes to those laws that require them to pay attention and implement policy changes in response. A property management team will be focused on staying up to date for you, bringing you only the legal concerns relevant to you - you don't have to do all the reading and understanding yourself. It's more efficient to have your legal reference as a go-to resource rather than constantly checking on those new laws yourself.

In addition to just the time of understanding the legal actions you need to take, some legal proceedings are easier to handle with a team. If you ever run into a situation where eviction is needed, you'll be glad to have Atlanta property management bringing our expertise. formerly known as GTL Real Estate, prides itself on having a much lower eviction rate than the average for our area. Still, through our experiences, we've learned when an eviction is actually needed and how to move forward legally and get you your property back. 

DIY Takes Longer and Can Be More Expensive Overall

While there are certainly handy folks who save money on maintenance in their rental properties, not everyone has a plumbing, electrical, or contracting background that they can bring to bear on their rental properties. If you have to hire your own contractors for one-off jobs at your rental properties, you're probably being charged a higher price than your property manager could get. It's simple: property management companies work with high-quality maintenance and repair professionals and offer them a large volume of work, gaining bulk discounts and preferred customer status due to all the doors that we have under management. 

By having us handle your maintenance and repair needs, you get equal or better service. But we can also pass the savings on to you through our reasonable property management fees. It's a win for us all! While you work with full-service Atlanta property management, you can still work on your property in the capacity that is important to you or brings you joy. Still, you are no longer responsible for the maintenance and repair crises that arise.

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We Bring Professionalism and Enthusiasm!

Even if you are a highly professional person, there are expenses associated with presenting a professional front to the world: from our office to our team members, we already have a professional style to our business, and we can save you the expenses of buying everything from letterhead to rent collection software. Our team works with rentals full-time, so even if you are a part-time landlord with another job, your renters get the attention, enthusiasm, and experience of the many years we've been serving customers.