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Tenant Prospects in a Hurry

Tenant Prospects in a Hurry

If you’ve been renting properties for a while, then you’ve probably run into tenant prospects who call wanting to move in almost immediately. There are several reasons that you should be very wary of any prospective tenant who is in such a hurry:

  1. They’re frequently getting evicted from their current property, and they’re trying to find a new place before the eviction shows up on their record.
  2. Sometimes they’re breaking their current lease without paying the required early termination penalties. You may think that that isn’t your problem, but consider this: if they’re cheating their current landlord, then they’re probably going to cheat you, too.
  3. Sometimes they’re looking for a place before a criminal conviction pops up on their record.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the person is in a hurry for a legitimate reason. But because that isn’t the case usually, you need to be extra vigilant in screening these tenants. Never let them talk you into renting to them without a background check. Nowadays, background checks can be done instantly, so there is no legitimate excuse for them not wanting you to do one. Being in a hurry is no excuse.

But what about those problems listed above that won’t pop up on the background check? This is why you make absolutely sure to call their previous two landlords, and also speak to their employer. If they won’t let you talk to either of them, then reject the tenant. It’s not worth the risk. Another tenant prospect will come along.

Do you want to avoid worrying about these things and leave it to a professional? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about professional property management services.