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Should I Rent My Home or Sell? - A Property Management Atlanta Guide

Should I Rent My Home or Sell? - A Property Management Atlanta Guide

Updated March 4, 2022

Like every other type of investment, real estate investments are accompanied by many great risks among other things. Do you have any property around Atlanta? Are you are struggling with maintenance, low ROI, etc, then hiring a company that provides property management in Atlanta GA may be your best bet. Coming to this type of decision is needed if you plan on having a stress-free real estate plan. It's totally normal to second guess your investment choices, especially if you are not an expert in that field.

When it comes to property management in Atlanta, GA, we can help you make informed decisions with our expert property management advice. But before we dive fully into that, you might be missing crucial information on what to do about your rental property; this blog may be just what you need.

Deciding to sell or rent out your house is a big decision irrespective of any viewpoint. It's not enough for you to wake up and say, 'oh! I feel like selling', and then you sell. You could run into significant losses without expert bits of advice guiding your decisions. Or opting to rent without considering what you get consistently in return, the type of tenants you need to get maximum profits. So, instead of outright selling, a real estate exit strategy might be what you need. So, should you rent or sell?

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front

Why or When Should You Consider Selling?

There are a lot of factors that will decide whether you should consider selling or holding your property a little while longer. Here, I will highlight some critical points that can guide your decision on how to know if the time is right to sell your property. 

When then, is the right time to sell your property?

  • When maintenance is already too costly.
  • You are moving out of town, out of state, or even out of the country.
  • You found a more profitable investment with guaranteed higher ROI.
  • There is a need for capital to buy a property with better prospects.
  • The market is right, and you are guaranteed a significant profit on your investment after tax.

With all the points highlighted above, you’re on the path to making an informed decision but that’s not enough to come to a final commitment on selling your property. It's more complicated than that. After selling, you could run into tax issues that could eventually result in huge losses when discrepancies are found in your tax filings by the IRS. But be rest assured that when you consult experts like those at property management in Atlanta, GA, you are assured of making the right decision all step of the way.

Why You Should Consider Renting

Renting out is a good decision, more often than not seems like the best decision as you can always use the rent return to offset your mortgage consistently or use it as a guaranteed source of income, as the case may be. It is not always a good time to sell, even if the ultimate goal is to sell; while you wait for the market to recover, you can always rent out your property to bring in the cash flow to maintain it in the right condition.

When you rent, it helps you build an investment portfolio after your mortgage has been paid off. Your rental return can either go into investing in another property and continue to build further on your investment or use it as a means of self-sustainability. Whichever the case, you have earned the right to do what seems right by you on your investment return.

Why You Should Hire an Atlanta Property Manager

It takes more than just certainty to do what is right in investment; your guts could deceive you too. When you consult with us on property management in Atlanta, GA, we will always put you first and offer insights that will give you the best value for your money.

These and lots more unmatched services are what you get from us;

  • Preleasing: We'll be marketing your property 30 days before the lease expires. You won't find this same attention to pre-leasing a property with our competitors. We also guarantee that you'll have a quality tenant in 21 days or less, or the leasing fee is waived.
  • Better Maintenance: Because of our work volume and how we treat our vendors, we enjoy preferred service from them. The Tenants rate the repairs each time someone comes out, and our average score is 4.3 out of 5.
  • Better Screening: Our screening process is far more comprehensive than what we've found other residential property managers and property owners use.
  • Below Average Eviction Rate: Our eviction rate last year was only 3.28%. The local average is over 5%, so you can see that we're so confident in our abilities in this area.
  • Better Disbursement: Unlike our competitors who only pay once per month, if your rent ever does come in late, you'll still receive it within the week rather than the following month.

As seen above, we have mastered the art of real estate management in this area, hence why we have been deemed worthy of being among the best in Atlanta in 2019.

Contact us for a free consultation if you want to learn how much your house will rent for.