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Houses for Rent in Georgia? Use These Tips for Better Listing Photos

Houses for Rent in Georgia? Use These Tips for Better Listing Photos

Do you have houses for rent in Georgia? A picture is truly  worth a thousand words when it comes to rental images. Because you want tenants to choose your listing, you need several attractive photos to help them decide. Quality images can showcase the property's best features inside and out (and minimize any flaws). 

If you're uncertain where to begin or don't have time to take pictures yourself, hire a photographer or property management company. They can help you create fresh images that make potential tenants eager to move in. Staged rentals that don't look lived-in or junky can increase your ROI and reduce your vacancies. What's more, quality pictures ca  n increase engagement especially if you're marketing your property and using various SEO techniques. Here are a few tips to help you take better listing photos

Hire a Professional Photographer

That quaint breakfast nook. An awesome outdoor firepit. A photographer can help provide you with quality images that showcase every aspect of your property. And, they know all kinds of lighting techniques. Photographers have techniques that introduce natural light and they know how to adjust the interior lighting with special DSLR cameras

Using a professional can save time especially if you have multiple listings. Their techniques can also help if you want to maximize the space in certain rooms. Furthermore, you'll have access to images in different formats that are easy for potential applicants to view across their devices.

Use the Best Lighting

No one wants to be in the dark when it comes to a rental property. And, areas like attics, basements, and closets are especially hard to photograph clearly. An easy trick is opening the blinds and curtains to let natural light in. Another is to use a lamp to show a closet's interior or another area with no window access. 

If you're taking a DIY approach, take your photos during the daytime. This can put your property in the best light for potential renters. That way you can show off that new paint job or those new crown moldings. 

Remove Cluttered Items

To stage your rental, think about a hotel room or Airbnb listing. These show no clutter and usually only include minimal personal items in the background. Hence, decluttering the rooms is an essential step. 

Remove toys, pictures, clothing, and items stored in the closets, cabinets, and bathroom. If the home is lived-in, consider moving excess belongings and furnishings to the garage, a basement, or separate area temporarily. Then, take the images you need to show a clutter-free living environment that's easy on the eyes. This helps showcase your space and renters can visualize themselves in it.

Pillow on bed

Maximize the Space and Guide the Viewer

Empty rooms look smaller in pictures but furnishings can add more depth. Hence, if the home is empty, contact a home staging company. You can rent or purchase fixtures like sofas, beds, area rugs, pillows, and artwork to give the home a lived-in look. Keeping colors neutral in all the rooms is also beneficial. The most pleasing room arrangements have a minimalist approach. 

Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Change the furniture around to make the rooms look larger or showcase a particular space. 
  • A tiny table and chair with a lamp in a corner can showcase a cozy reading area. 
  • An empty laundry room with a new dog bed lets the viewer know your rental is pet-friendly. 
  • Putting child-themed artwork in an upstairs loft area highlights how children might have their own separate play area.

Hire a Property Management Company 

To help with your listing images is to hire a property management company for help with renters. Your PM can handle the home staging and take the photos you need for your rental(s). This is a guaranteed solution that takes the guesswork out of renting out properties yourself. The benefit is the entire process is seamless and you can find more quality tenants than if you go it alone. You won't have to worry about the time investment that's required to visit and stage multiple listings (and that's sure to spark a lot of joy!).  

What else do property managers do?

Display Every Listing in the Best Light - Literally!

If you have houses for rent in Georgia, potential renters will respond more positively to a home they can envision themselves in, not one that is cluttered. If you're taking a DIY approach, don't be afraid to experiment with the lighting or rearrange the furniture. And, use natural lighting and capture plenty of pictures of the home's interior and exterior. However, if you don't have time or are unsure where to begin, hire a home stager and/or professional photographer. They can make the difference and result in you renting the property out faster. You'll also be able to keep extended vacancies to a minimum for a better ROI. For help with taking quality images and listing your rental properties, contact us for a free consultation.