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Automatic Lease Extensions

Automatic Lease Extensions

Many tenants balk at signing a lease renewal, even though they plan to stay in the house. They would much prefer, obviously, to simply stay on a “month-to-month” basis, giving them more freedom to leave on their own schedule. Clearly, this isn't in your best interest as a property owner.

So, how can you force a tenant to make a decision to sign a new lease? Simple: raise the rent! All of our leases have an automatic lease increase clause that automatically increases the rent by 15% if the tenant doesn't sign a new lease and instead goes month-to-month. This way, the tenant has a significant incentive to sign a lease renewal and lock them in for another year. If they don't, then you still benefit as an owner by getting a big rent premium to compensate you for the added risk of having a month-to-month tenant in the property.

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