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What is SureVestor Landlord Insurance?

Hi, I’m Todd Ortscheid, CEO of Revolution Rental Management. Today we’re proud to announce a new level of safety and protection available to our clients. This is something that only a small handful of property managers across the country are offering as of the date of this video, and we wanted to be one of the first to offer you this great product.

So, what is it? It’s landlord insurance! And not just the traditional landlord homeowner’s insurance that you already have to insure your house against things like fire or storm damage. I’m talking about actual insurance to cover you against losses experienced by tenants. This kind of insurance has been available overseas for many years now. I talk pretty regularly with some property managers in Australia where this has been popular for a long time. Thankfully, it’s finally making its way here to America.

This insurance is available ONLY if your property is managed by a professional property manager like Revolution Rental Management. It is not available to individual landlords. It’s provided by a company called SureVestor, and the underwriting is done by a giant in the insurance industry, Lloyds of London. So you know that you’re in good hands with this insurance policy.

So, what exactly does this insurance cover? A whole lot of different things, probably too much to cover in this video, but I’ll try to go over the most important highlights that will be important to our clients and potential clients.

First, it covers loss of rent in a whole lot of circumstances. This is basically the insurance company paying you the rent when your tenant isn’t paying it. If a tenant skips out on their lease, or if the property becomes uninhabitable for some reason, you get up to 8 weeks of rent covered. If a tenant has to be evicted, you get up to 12 weeks of rent covered. The same is true if the tenant dies. And if the tenant is murdered or commits suicide, you get up to 25 weeks of coverage. This allows plenty of time for the police to do everything they need to do so that you can get the property rented out again. All of the lost rent coverage is capped at $2,000 dollars of rent per month, so if you’ve got a more expensive rental, you might not get 100% of your lost rent, but it’s still a great level of coverage. And if you’d like to pay a little extra, just let us know and we can get you upgraded to a higher plan that goes up to $3,000 dollars per month of lost rent coverage.

Next, we have some additional coverages that are offered beyond just lost rent. If the tenant maliciously damages the property, something you sometimes see during an eviction, then you have $50,000 dollars of coverage. If you have a furnished property, then you have $25,000 dollars of theft or damage protection on those contents. If there’s an eviction, you have $7,000 dollars of coverage for legal fees and courts, plus $600 dollars for the sheriff’s eviction. You’re probably aware that electronic lockboxes are how we show properties that are available for rent nowadays. This worries some owners about the possibility of someone damaging the house while viewing the property when it’s vacant. We haven’t found this to be a problem, but if it’s something that worries you, this insurance policy provides $5,000 of coverage for that. And then there are various coverage levels for items such as re-keying locks after an eviction, damage from a service or emotional support animal, water damage, etc.

All in all, this is an amazing level of coverage. And it’s all available for only $395 per year, which is only $33/month.  Better yet, THERE IS NO DEDUCTIBLE on anything except for malicious damage and theft claims. Even then, it’s only a $500 deductible. No deductible on lost rent, evictions, or any of the other coverages.

For those who sign up under our premium Investor Package plan, we are offering this insurance FREE OF CHARGE as part of the full package. For everyone on our standard management plan, which is the vast majority of our clients, you just pay the $395 once per year if you want to sign up. We handle signing you up, and we even handle processing the claims for you if you have a loss! Really, this coverage is a no-brainer, and I usually don’t recommend insurance plans or warranties. There’s just so much value here that takes so many of the risks out of being a landlord, that it’s hard to say no to this insurance coverage.

If you want to sign up and you’re one of our existing clients, just send us an email at If you’re a prospective client, then when you sign your management agreement, you’ll just check off the box saying that you want this insurance, and we’ll get you signed up when you process your onboarding. And again, if you sign up for our premium Investor Package pricing plan, then it’s included in your plan automatically.

Now, one caveat I need to bring up. This plan is not available for properties that rent for less than $1,000 dollars per month. Lloyds of London just doesn’t have enough actuarial data yet to offer underwriting on properties that rent for that price. We’re hoping that they’ll have it available soon, and we’ll keep you updated when SureVestor is able to offer the product for those properties.

Finally, some of you have some of these guarantees already through our in-house Rent Collection Guarantee Program and Eviction Protection Plan, so you may be wondering how that will work going forward. For those of you who have those programs on properties that rent for under $1,000 dollars per month, we’re going to keep those programs going for you since you can’t transition to the landlord insurance product. For everyone else, we’ll be transitioning you over to the SureVestor landlord insurance as your 12-month contract on those old programs comes up for renewal. Watch for emails from us on that. While SureVestor does offer one month less of lost rent coverage than the RCGP plan did, they offer so many other protections that we couldn’t offer in our guarantees, that we think you’re far better off under their product.

It’s important to point out that we’re actually losing money by switching to these plans. We aren’t allowed to make money on insurance, because we’re not an insurance company. So we have to offer you this SureVestor landlord insurance plan at cost, with no markup. So we’re losing out on the small amount of profit we used to make on the old programs that we offered in-house. But we think this insurance plan offers you much better protection, that we think we just have to forego that little bit of profit and bring you the best product to protect your investment.

If you have any questions about this new program, or you just want to let us know that you want to sign up for it ASAP, then please send us an email at We’ll be happy to get you signed up and protected. Thank you.